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SB Security Fencing is a leading supplier and installer of Clearview fence products in South Africa. We are the preferred one-stop security fencing products and solutions provider in South Africa and Southern Africa.
Our Clear View Fence is designed with strength and rigidity, to bring maximum perimeter protection and excellent visibility, thereby providing a physical and psychological deterrent to unauthorized entry and break-ins. We manufacture and supply three standard fence panels according to different secure grades: high security, medium security, and low security.


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Clear View Fencing

Clear view mesh fence is desirable for public and private facilities to provide secure, yet visible perimeters. Ideal facilities that would benefit from this model of fence: airports, schools, shopping centers, infrastructure facilities and even residential applications. Galvanized, powder-coated, or PVC-coated options are available. Aperture sizes become smaller with increased security.

7612 High-Security Clearview Fence

For high-security fencing, we recommend 7612 High Secure Clearview Fencing as it is anti-cut, anti-climb, yet visible enough to view through for monitoring purposes such as CCTV. This product is most suitable for the security of power plants, prisons, military bases, borders, railways, research institutions, as well as other vital infrastructures. It is meant to be impermeable to intruders. What makes this high security fence exemplary is the unique patented clamp system that allows for a faster and more effective installation than ever before.

High Secure Clearview Mesh Fence Specifications

Medium Secure Clearview Mesh Fence Specifications

Low Secure Clearview Mesh Fence Specifications

Our Clearview Extra Security Add-ons

SB Security Fencing also provides extra security to our already high secure anti-climb fence. As an dd-on. we can install clearview security gates, extra electric fence, flatwrap razorwire and security spikes on top of your fence to provide enhanced security.

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Razor Wire Add-on

Posts & Secure Fixers

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